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Free National Parks Entrance Days for 2014
Added on : Saturday April 19th 2014 05:00:05 AM
g: 0 Posted By: SieSilverStars
Views: 77 Replies: 0 I thought I'd share this for those of you who like to go to National Parks for camping, fishing, hiking, and just outdoors fun!

I've found the list for when the parks are going to be opening for free this year. I know I usually hate the entrance fee myself when I go, but while reading this I also learned that only 133 of them actually charge for the entrance fee.


Here's the list of participating locations

Free Entrance Dates...

April 19-20 - Opening Weekend of National Park Week

August 25 - National Park Service Birthday

September 27 - National Public Lands Day

November 11 - Veterens Day

So, if you're interested you can start planning your trip, here.

Also U.S. military members and dependents in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard get free annual passes, as well as the Reserve and National Guard members. Click here for FAQ on this.
If you're not part of the military, an annual pass is $80.00 and is available to everyone. Click here for FAQ on this.

While searching, I also found this cool blog post called "Top 10 Best National Parks You Don't Know About". For example, pictured, I have the Big Bend National Park in Texas
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g: 0 Posted By: remick
Views: 42 Replies: 0 http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00BUFBP8K

4.4 out of 5 stars (59 customer reviews)

This book is a tilt of the hat to my Grandma's Herbal and Home remedies which were a big influence in my youth. She had a the theory that mother nature had a cure for every ailment and disease. The book informs you how within your garden and pantry, you have an easy pratical and natural first aid box (with no chemicals or sell by dates). I also look at the origins of the herbs, who first used them and how to actually grow the herbs and spices yourself. Also we look at how to prepare the remedies to treat ailments for use at home.
The herbs in this book treat all the following ailments:- Acne, blood pressure, skin health, morning sickness, IBS, kidney damage, headaches, liver damage, digestion, infections, cramps, colic, alleviate insomia, slows cancer grwoth, treat colds / flu. helps stamina, sexual stimulants, rheumatoid arthritis and inflammation, and treating digestive disorders, coughs, stomach ailments, measles, diphtheria, typhoid fever, arthritis, scabies, and bruises. dry skin and dandruff, lessen anxiety, clean infections of the mouth, sooth aching feet, ease ear infections, relieve nausea, heal kidney bladder infections, migraines, colic, vertigo, ailments, bug bites, burns, canker sores, treat scabies, head lice, psoriasis, burns, scars, skin infections, high blood sugar, diarrhoea, exhaustion, spasms, indigestion, menstrual cramps, and tooth and muscle pain, treating worms, cramps, heartburn, bloating and gas, high blood pressure, stop heart attacks and internal and external bleeding, insomnia, anxiety, depression, insomnia, female disorders, stomach ulcers, and bladder and ear infections, weight loss, e-coli, natural food preservative, warts, blisters, constipation, digestive aid, treatment of menopause symptoms, UTIs, yeast and blood infection, and strep. treating sexually transmitted diseases, reducing inflammation, bronchitis, impaired lung function, foetal growth,birth defects, energy levels, depression, anxiety, creation of red blood cells, cholesterol, strokes, motion sickness, improve memory, antioxidant,fight cancer, heart disease, burn fat, lower cholesterol, aide in the prevention of diabetes, reduce the risk of strokes and dementia, stimulate hair growth, neutralises poison and snake bites, and much much more.

Essential Oils: 60 Oils That You Need and How to Use Them Now!
4.3 out of 5 stars (76 customer reviews)

Herbs from Native American Medicine (Herbal Medicine from Your Garden or Windowsill)
4.6 out of 5 stars (9 customer reviews)

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received collection request (paging CN47!)
Added on : Saturday April 19th 2014 05:00:04 AM
g: 0 Posted By: TheDragonn
Views: 56 Replies: 2 FWF-

Help! I received (out of nowhere) a collection request from IC System, Inc, citing some balance due delinquent account, blahblah. I have literally no idea what this is for, or where it came from. Do I call them and say "I dispute, please validate?" or write that in a letter...? Much appreciate the help, dudes.
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WD Red 4TB $169.99 FS @ Newegg
Added on : Saturday April 19th 2014 05:00:03 AM
g: 0 Posted By: VicVinegar
Views: 154 Replies: 0 Newegg has the 4TB Western Digital Red drives for $169.99 with promo code EMCYTZG22

No Amazon price match yet, but I believe they did last time Newegg discounted them.

Sale ends 11:59 PST on 4/20.

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Free Kindle Book- How to Cure Bad Breath - a Step by Step Guide
Added on : Saturday April 19th 2014 05:00:03 AM
g: 0 Posted By: remick
Views: 17 Replies: 0 http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006NMTMO4

4.2 out of 5 stars (17 customer reviews)

Bad breath - whether chronic or temporary - cannot be effectively treated with "generic" bad breath products, such as mouthwashes, home-made rinses or herbal remedies. Most oral rinses available today - even 2nd or 3rd generation mouthwashes (otherwise known as oxidisers) - are in fact broad-spectrum antibiotics, that is, they do not Target specific strains of bacteria and their effects typically last less than an hour. The same goes for home-made remedies, including hydrogen peroxide rinses, baking soda, tea tree oil, or any other natural or herbal "bad breath remedy".

Because bad breath is often just a symptom of other conditions, infections or diseases that you may or may not be aware of (not necessarily serious), treating bad breath "directly" means you are only addressing a symptom, not the root causes of the problem. Furthermore, the causes of halitosis will be different for each bad breath sufferer, making each particular case unique, with different factors involved, and hence different strains of bacteria (or fungi) involved.

Bacterial imbalances are present for a reason. Determining the root causes of your bad breath, and hence indentifying your particular type of bad breath, is what will enable you to use specific methods, tools, treatments and remedies that will Target the actual root causes of your bad breath problem.

"How to Cure Bad Breath - Step by Step Guide" is written by former chronic halitosis sufferer MD Jou Torras, who suffered from bad breath for over twelve years. The author will take you, step by step, through the process of identification of all the root causes (often multiple) of your bad breath problem, and provide you with the methods, tools and specific remedies or treatments that will Target your particular type of bad breath.

This is an in-depth, practical self-instructional guide that contains all the information and advice you need to effectively cure your bad breath:

Proven strategies, techniques and little-known at-home treatments and remedies that will help you freshen your breath from day 1, whether your bad breath is chronic or temporary
Find out what type of bad breath you suffer from and the most likely factors that are contributing to your problem
Learn the only reliable methods to test for bad breath at any given time and find out the exact areas where those malodours are originating from
Discover the specific remedies you can use at home that will Target your particular type of bad breath. Not "broad-spectrum" solutions but remedies that will work for you
Get access to the most up-to-date research, plus the invaluable experiences and advice of a former chronic bad breath sufferer who has now been bad breath free for over a year
Do popular bad breath products work at all? If so, for how long? Shocking research that proves what works, what doesn't and why
Learn all the tricks you need to use to eliminate bad breath caused by: wisdom tooth infections, tonsil stones, URIs, sinus problems, post nasal drip, runny nose, allergies, gum disease, acid reflux, indigestion, diet... and many more!
Find out the precise prevention methods you can use at home to keep halitosis at bay once you have already cured it

Easy to follow instructions that will show you the exact steps you need to take to get rid of your bad breath once and for all.

Ultimately, dealing with the underlying causes of your halitosis is the only approach that has the potential to cure it permanently. You can continue covering up those nasty odours, or you can take action now to finally address your problem.
Amazing French Fries Maker & More $7.99 Shipped
Added on : Saturday April 19th 2014 05:00:02 AM
g: 0 Posted By: tedhawkins
Views: 74 Replies: 0 Amazing French Fries Maker & More $7.99 Shipped


This natural-cut fries cutter is the fast and easy way to make delicious fries in just seconds. Simple to use, you only need to place one average-sized potato in the Amazing Fries, and then it's just one step to great fries. This cutter for french-cut fries is very versatile and can also be used for other vegetables such as onions, peppers and much more, making meal preparation faster and easier.
-The quick and easy way to prepare delicious homemade fries!
-No more tedious chopping and cutting slippery potatoes by hand.
-Just place potato in the chute and push down
-Perfect Fries uses cross pattern steel blades to cut effortlessly and evenly for perfect results every time.
-Also great for dicing onions, fruits and vegetables.
-Get creative! Make Sweet Potato fries, Zucchini fries, Butternut squash fries, Eggplant fries, Green Tomato fries, Onion fritters, Cinnamon Apple fries, Dill pickle fries and more.
-Comes with cleaning tool.
Condition : New
Packaging : Bulk
g: 0 Posted By: SieSilverStars
Views: 110 Replies: 0 PacSun is offering an additional 50% off men's markdowns on select men's items.

Look for the label that says "Includes Extra 50% Off". Prices are as marked


Shipping is $1.00 for a limited time only.

Notable Offers:
Fourstar Four Hero T-Shirt - $8.49
Fox Cutback Basic T-Shirt - $8.99
Hurley Original Premium T-Shirt - $9.99 (Pictured)
Volcom Circle Staple Tank Top - $7.99
Rusty Piles T-Shirt - $8.99
Reef Classy Block T-Shirt - $9.49
g: 0 Posted By: ctgolfer
Views: 94 Replies: 0 Item specifics
New: A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging (where packaging is ... Read more
ASUS Google
Hardware Connectivity:
USB 2.0, TV Out (RCA)
Product Line:
Operating System:
Built-In Front Camera, GPS, Speakerphone
Internet Connectivity:
Not Applicable
Not Applicable
Storage Capacity:
32 GB
1280 x 800
Screen Size:

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g: 0 Posted By: MrVietnam
Views: 187 Replies: 0 With more than 11,000 ocean animals representing nearly 500 species, the Aquarium of the Pacific celebrates the planet's largest and most diverse body of water: the Pacific Ocean. With this offer, you can choose any day during afternoon hours (3-6pm) to visit this world-class aquarium featuring a wide array of hands-on activities, live and video presentations, and much more. Check out the BP Sea Otter Habitat -- modeled after their natural habitat -- and meet the otters. Visit the Molina Animal Care Center to watch the animals as they are cared for. And now you can get up close with more than a dozen Magellanic penguins above and below the water in the new June Keyes Penguin Habitat. The exhibit is home to the first penguins in the aquarium's collection and includes a crawl-in space, allowing you to feel as if you are inside the exhibit with the animals. Visiting the Aquarium of the Pacific is an enlightening, entertaining and educational experience for everyone.* Additional fees apply.

This voucher is good for one admission to the Aquarium through December 31, 2014.

However, for full disclosure, what makes this deal a little less hot is goldstar.com charges a $4.50 service charge for each adult (ages 12 and up) ticker and a $3.25 service charge for each children's (ages 3-11) ticket.

Parking Structure fee: $8 flat rate for Aquarium and Pierpoint Landing guests with receipt or ticket stub.

The Aquarium of the Pacific is open 9:00am to 6:00pm every day of the year, except for Christmas Day and during the Grand Prix of Long Beach (April 11, 12, and 13, 2014). This voucher may only be used for a visit between 3:00pm and 6:00pm.

Click hereto get more information of the 50% off offer

Aquarium of the Pacificwebsite

100 Aquarium Way Long Beach, CA 90802 562-590-3100

SPRING BREAK LATE NIGHTS: The Aquarium will be open until 8:30 p.m.on April 14-19 and April 21-24. Admission is just $14.95 for everyone after 5:00 p.m.on these nights.

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g: 0 Posted By: myonlyday
Views: 212 Replies: 0 Amazon.com has the Denon AVR-E300 5.1 Channel 3D Pass-Through A/V Home Theater Receiver for $199.99 now.


The deal is back again.

Delivers 5.1 channels of powerful sound (175 Watts) to provide high power and wide dynamic range with low distortion for a superb surround sound listening experience
Features Audyssey Bronze - with Audyssey MultEQ, Audyssey Dynamic Volume, and Audyssey Dynamic EQ to enhance the performance of any home theater system
Simple & easy setup with Denon Setup Assistant - on-screen graphical display with clear text and icons so you can easily make adjustments and settings during setup

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Skyway Lexington 4-pc. Luggage Set - $49.99 AC SP @ JCPenney
Added on : Saturday April 19th 2014 04:00:07 AM
g: 0 Posted By: SieSilverStars
Views: 37 Replies: 0 The Skyway Lexington 4-pc. Luggage Set is on sale at JCPenney for $49.99 with free in-store pickup to avoid the $8.00 shipping fee.


Use $10.00 off coupon code "LEOPARD2" during checkout to receive the discounted price.
AMC Theaters $50.00 Gift Card - $45.00 FS @ eBay
Added on : Saturday April 19th 2014 04:00:07 AM
g: 0 Posted By: SieSilverStars
Views: 111 Replies: 0 A $50.00 AMC Theaters Gift Card is on sale at eBay for $45.00 with free shipping.


You may earn 2% eBay Bucks, which can be used on your future eBay purchases.
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g: 0 Posted By: DaysFan
Views: 199 Replies: 0 http://www.verabradley.com/section/Sale/785.utsCollapsible Duffel in Flower Shower- FREESKU #13661157
FREE SHIPPING on orders of $45 or more. U.S. Orders Only
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