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Added on : Tuesday November 20th 2012 08:00:21 PM
Pocket Radar Personal Speed Radar $119.99 - Amazon - One day only.
Added on : Tuesday November 20th 2012 08:00:16 PM
This has been on my wishlist since it came out. It has always been right around $199.99.
Now $119.99 as sports deal of the day.
LinkazonThe world's smallest radar gun is a handy tool for coaches, athletes, and spectators alike
Innovative technology allows you to measure speed of anything from a fastball to a race car with remarkable accuracy, to +/- one mph
Simple one-button operation is intuitive and user friendly, and unit powers up in less than one second
Measures 2.3 by 4.7 by 0.8 inches (W x H x D) and weighs 4.5 ounces with batteries; 10,000 readings on two AAA alkaline batteries (included)
Includes limited one-year manufacturer's warranty
$50 off 4 tires or 4 wheels installed @America's Tires 11/21 to 11/26
Added on : Tuesday November 20th 2012 08:00:10 PM
From Wednesday, November 21st through Monday, November 26th, 2012 we're offering a web-only deal that will save you money.$50 Off a set of 4 tires or 4 wheels installed
$25 Off a set of 2 tires or 2 wheels installed
$100 Off a 4 tire and 4 wheel package installed
Purchase online and see the savings in your cart instantly.
Schedule an installation appointment for the day and time that works best for you.
This offer can be combined with other promotional offers.link
Certainly not as hot as their regular $100 off a set of 4 tires but if you need tires right now then if might save you some dough.
http://pennywise.bizcode: FATPENNY1
http://Shnoop.comCondition: Brand NewPrice: $16.99
Promotion: Save $1
Use Coupon Code: VIVITAR1
costco calphalon xl digital deep fryer $65 instore
Added on : Tuesday November 20th 2012 07:00:18 PM
got the deep fryer today.. it displays actual oil tempertature.. it is selling for $125 or more at various online stores..i have not tried it out yet.. but reviews on the internet were good... if someone used it please post some reviews..
FULL CREDIT TO CELESTIALDIGS/sd for this info (ad scan link coming soon)
Hey--SR Peeps! Print the IPs you think you may need now! They'll be gone before you know it. Order your coupons ASAP> My coupons have been taking so looong to get here!!! If you don't order now, they may not make it in time!! Current week: (11/18-11/24)unadvertised
Mueller's Lasagne $.99 [shoprite.com] After coupon, FREE
Mueller's Ziti $.88 [shoprite.com] After coupon, FREE
$.55/1 IP( Here [muellerspasta.com][/COLOR]
***Register. They send you an email. Click on the linky in email. Takes you back to the Mueller's page. Need new email, if already registered) credit ShopSmart10 LoftHouse Sugar Cookies $2.99 [shoprite.com] After coupon, $1.49
$.75/1 IP Print [coupons.com] 51501
Unadvertised: Bahlsens Imported Cookies Waffeletten & Choco Leibniz $2 After coupon, $.50
$.75/1 IP Print [redplum.com]
$.75/1 9/30RPToblerone $1.49 [shoprite.com] After coupon, FREE!!
$.75/1 3.52 oz or larger 11/11 SS (Florida papers)
11/25-12/1 PREVIEWThis week is CAT DEALS galore!!!FREEBIES
Birds Eye Steamfresh Veggies $.99 After coupon, FREE (for chef's faves)
$.50/1 IP Print [smartsource.com]
$1/2 11/18SSYoplait Simplait $.50 After coupon, FREE
$/30/1 10/07GM (Void in NJ)CHEAPIES
Hefty Foam Plates/Slider Bags/marcal Small Steps Napkins 1/2 price $1.34 after coupon, $.34+
$1.50/2 Slider Bags Or $1/1 11/11 RP
$1/2 Hefty Plates/Bowls 9/30SS
$1/2 Marcal IP Print [facebook.com]Dual Nutriskin Lotion $1.88 (Wed-Sat) After coupon, $.88
$1/1 11/4RPGreen Mountain K Cups $5.88 (Wed-Fri) After coupon, $4.88
$1/1 IP Print [smartsource.com]
$1/1 ecoupon [mywebgrocer.com]Reynold's Wrap Recycled $2.49 After coupon, $.99
$,75/1 11/11SSVanity Fair Dinner Napkins 1/2 price $1.19Lance Crackers $2 After coupon, $.90
$.55/1 Sandwich Cracker Homepack (8-ct) 11/4SSHormel Compleats Micro Meal 2 for $4 (mb2) After coupon, $1
$!/1 IP Print [coupons.com] 62946Chi Chi's Tortillas $1.66 After coupon, $1.16
Chi Chi's salsa $2 After coupon, $1.50
$1/2 ip Print [facebook.com] Kellogg's Frosted Flakes $1.99 After coupon, $1.49
$1/2 IP Print [redplum.com]Natural Instincts Hair Coloring $6.99
$2/1 11/11 SS & 10/28 P & G exp 11/30
Deal: Buy 2=$13.98
USE: 2 $2/1 coupons=$4
PAY: $9.98
OP: $3.98 or $1.99 eachFriskies Cat Treats 3 for $5 (mb3)
$.75/2 9/09RP
DEAL: Buy 6=$10
USE: 3 $.75/2 coupons=$4.50
PAY: $5.50 or $.91 eachNestle Pure Life water 24 pk 3 for $11(mb3)
$1.25/2 8 oz or $1/2 16 0z 11/11 RP
Buy: 3=$11
Use: 1 $1.25/2
Pay: $9.75
Get: $3 CAT OYNO
OP: $6.75 or $2.25 a 24 pk 8 oz.
CAT DEAL. EARN $10 off SR gift Card/or other gift card when you purchase $25 in one transaction: Limit one per manufacturer, per card! So you can do multiple deals on one card!!KRAFT CAT DEAL:Nabisco Ritz Crackers $2.99 sale (shelf $3.70)
$.75/2 dnd 11/11SS
B2go free (up to $2.50) IP Print [coupons.com] 03110 (says "Redeemable at WalMart" in tiny print-Don't print if your SR is super picky)
Planters Peanut Butter $3.29
$.40/1 - A Season of Sweet EntertainingCracker Barrel $2.50
$.75/1 IP Print [coupons.com] 62946
$1/1 11/11SSOscar Mayer Deli Fresh Meats $2.99 sale (shelf $3.99)
$1/1 Oscar Mayer Selects Hot Dogs, Cold Cuts or Bacon DND - Meal Planning 101 Stop & Shop bookletDEAL: Buy 4 Oscar Mayer=$11.96 sale $15.96 shelf
4 cracker Barrel=$10=Total: $21.96
Use: 4 $1/1 Oscar Mayer & 4 $.75/1 IPs=$10
PAY: $11.96
GET: $10 CAT
OP: $1.96!! Awesome deal!!Alternate: Buy 6 Nabisco Ritz Crackers $2.99 sale (2 varieties)=$17.94 sale (shelf $22.20 shelf)
2 Cracker Barrel $2.50 =$5 Total: $22.94( Total: $27.20 shelf)
USE: 2 B2go free (up to $2.50) IP Print [coupons.com] =$5
$.75/1 IP Print [coupons.com] 62946=$3 Total=$8
Pay: $14.94
Get: $10 Cat oyno gift card
OP: $4.94*************************************************************************************
Buitoni Fettucine $1.99
$1./1 10/7SSNestle Toll House Morsels $2.79
$.50/1 9/9RP
$.75/2 11/4SSNestle Toll House Cookies $2.50 sale 9Shelf $3.39?)
$.75/1 10/7RP
DEAL: Buy 4 Nestle Ultimate Cookie Dough=$10sale (shelf $13.56)
4 Buitoni=$7.96
2 Nestle Toll house Morsels=$5.58 Total:$23.54 sale ($26.83 shelf)
USE:4 $.75 Cookie Dough,=$6
4$1/1 Buitoni=$4
2 $.50/1 Morsels=$2=$12
PAY: $11.54
GET: $10 cat on gift card
Original Cheerios $2.49 (shelf: $3.99)
$.60/1 IP Print [pillsbury.com] credit jaymeelee
$,50/1 IP Print [coupons.com] 62946Progresso Recipe Staters $2.19
$.50/1 11/4SS Betty Crocker Cake Mix $1.59
DEAL: Buy 4 Cheerios=$9.96 (shelf:$15.96)
4 Recipe Starters=$8.76
1 Betty Crocker Cake $1.59 Total:$20.31(shelf: $26.31
USE: 4 $.60/1 Cheerios=$4.80
4 $.50/1 Recipe Starters=$4=$8.80
Get: $10 Cat on gift card
OP: $1.51! (could throw in the $.50/1 Cheerios ecoupon [mywebgrocer.com]also)UNILEVER CAT:
Knorr Pasta/Rice Side $1.25
$.50/2 IPLipton Pyramid Tea $2.49
$1/1 101 Meal planning S & S
$.40/1 11/11RPKnorr HomeStyle Stock $2.99 (shelf $3.49)
$.65/1 IP or $1.30 IP Print [couponnetwork.com]DEAL: Buy 4 Knorr HomeStyle Stock =$11.96 (shelf$13.96)
4 Knorr Pasta/Rice Side=$10
1 Lipton Pyramid Tea =$2.49 Total: 24.45 (Total:$26.45 shelf)
USE: 4 $.65/1 Knorr Stock=$5.20
4 $.50/2 Sides=$4
$1 Lipton=$1.20
PAY: $14.25
GET: $10 Cat on gift card
OP: $4.25!! (could also throw in $.50/2 Knorr sides ecoupon [mywebgrocer.com] & $.40/1 Lipton Tea Bags [mywebgrocer.com])Alternate: Buy 8 Knorr HomeStyle Stock (2 flavors)-$23.92 sale (shelf $27.92)
Use 4 $.65/1 IPs and 4 $1.35 IPs =$10.60
Pay: 13.32
Get: $10 Cat
OP: $3.32OXI CLEAN CAT:Oxi Clean remover Tub $6.99 (shelf $7.99)
Oxi Clean Stain Remover spray 2 for $7 (mb2) (shelf $3.99)
Oxi Clean Stain Remover tub $6.99 (shelf $7.99)
Buy 6 Oxi Clean Stain Remover spray 2 for $7 =$21 sale (shelf$23.94)
1 Oxi Clean Stain Remover spray at $3.99 shelf=Total: $24.99 sale (shelf $27.93)
Get: $10Cat
OP: $14.99
OR: Buy 4 Oxi Tubs=$27.96
Get:$10 Cat
Op: $17.96. COKE CAT:
Coke Bottles 6 pk $3.88
Coke 20 pk $6.49
Coke 1.25lt $.99More on the way!!!
looking for micro business ideas to teach kids about entrepreneurship
Added on : Tuesday November 20th 2012 06:00:57 PM
I volunteer with a local Boy Scout troop, and one of the topics that we will be discussing in the near future is personal finance/future career possibilities. One of the topics that I would like to hit is entrepreneurship. Since they are too young still to get regular jobs (only kids between the ages of 12-13 will be in this segment), I wanted to have them come up with ways that they could make money. However before putting myself in front of a bunch of rambunctious kids I wanted to pose the same question to the FWF community to see what types of ideas you can come up with so I can use the material to lead the discussion in case no valid ideas are presented by the kids.Basically I want to present the following questions:How could a 12/13 year old kid go out and make:
$100?Keep in mind that being only 12/13 they are limited by having close to no capital, very little means of transportation and minimal hours available to "work" and no access to credit lines (unless a parent steps in - but I don't want to have to count on that). But on the other hand, their opportunity cost is rather low so things that an adult would consider an inefficient use of time to earn a couple of dollars might be worth it to them.My general philosophy while working with the group is to enable the ambitious, inform the interested and entertain the rest. So I am looking for not only valid ideas that some of them might try, but also funny things that will at least make them laugh. Also worth noting is that this is not a fundraiser of any sort - I will just present the idea and if any of them do it, it will be on their own time.Sample ideas:
$1 - buy candy and resell it
$5 - go door to door selling "no soliciting signs"
$10-20 - mowing lawns Just to get the formalities out of the way: 1 - No I will not send pictures, 2 - when it is time to teach them to drive I will be looking for a crown vic.Any ideas to add to the list?
Free Mumble Voice Server (VOIP)
Added on : Tuesday November 20th 2012 06:00:39 PM
myMumble is giving out free lifetime 5-man mumble servers. That means you can have your own private voip server that hosts upto 5 people for free.The servers are designed for gaming but you can use it for whatever you want:
Extra 40% Off Sitewide From Last Call by Neiman Marcus - LastCall.com
Added on : Tuesday November 20th 2012 06:00:04 PM
Last Call by Neiman Marcus takes an extra 40% off sitewide, including clearance item. Discount appears in red text on each product page.Shipping is free on $75+ with code LCNOV75, otherwise it starts at $5 Excludes fragrancesExp. 11-22-2012, 8 a.m. CT
Coby 32-Inch 720p 60Hz Slim-Bezel LED HDTV for $147. Amazon.com
Added on : Tuesday November 20th 2012 06:00:04 PM
Gold Box
This item qualifies for the TV Low Price Guarantee, and Free Shipping with Amazon Prime.
Amazon Coupons
Sams club 50 Sanyo Plasma 720p HDTV $399 with free shipping
Added on : Tuesday November 20th 2012 06:00:03 PM
If you're not a member, you are probably going to get hit with a 10% upcharge. LINK
Zazzle - $8.80 off postage sheets and 50% off cards - Today only! (11/21)
Added on : Tuesday November 20th 2012 06:00:03 PM
Zazzle is having their Annual Zazzle Thanksgiving Postage Sale, with $8.80 off every sheet of postage (20 stamps/sheet) + 50% off all cards, today only! You can design your own stamps, or use one of the thousands of designs available on the site. Regular prices are $19.95 and up per sheet (depending on denomination).

These make a great personalized gift!Use Code: GOBBLEGOBBLEOffer expires 11:59 pm PT today (11/21).
1 Year of Unlimited 2-Day Shipping via ShopRunner for free
Added on : Tuesday November 20th 2012 06:00:02 PM
1 Year of Unlimited 2-Day Shipping via Shoprunner for freeAllstate Mall offers One Year of Unlimited 2-Day Shipping via Shoprunner for free via the instructions below. That's tied with last week's mention as the best deal we've seen for this shipping service this year. (We've seen shorter free trials and a free year when certain purchase requirements were met, but we haven't seen a year for free with no strings since last December.) Vendors that use this service include Toys "R" Us, Newegg, Lord & Taylor, Timberland, ESPN.com Shop, drugstore.com, and more. To get this deal:Click here to create an Allstate Mall account (you don't have to be an Allstate customer)
then search for "Shoprunner"
Note: Be sure to cancel before your 1-year subscription is up or you'll be billed for another year at full price, currently $79.