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o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Happy Nappers "the perfect play pillow"
A perfect carry case to keep all your birds in one place
Ring the Doorbell to hear your Happy Napper's Sleepy Sounds
21" in Size
Collect all of the styles

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Story Bundle (eBooks DRM-Free) - The Second Degree Bundle - Pay What You WantAll books are DRM free.Pay what you want for the first 5 books.
Minimum of $7 if you want the 2 bonus books.Black Bird by Greg Enslen - Reviews
Blood Red Turns Dollar Green by Paul O'Brien - Reviews
Diary of a Small Fish by Pete Morin - ]Reviews
The Marinara Murders by Erik Hanberg - Reviews
Dire Means by Geoffrey Neil - Reviews
BONUS - Project Moses by Robert Lowe - Reviews
BONUS - The Saints Go Dying by Erik Hanberg - Reviews
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Cuisine Select Alverton 7 Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set @ Amazon - $18.51
was $79.99
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Sears Outlet, Free Clothing Coupon for Tomorrow, 9/25/12
Added on : Monday September 24th 2012 12:00:02 PM
Just a reminder to stop by your local Sears Outlet (that sells clothing) tomorrow for your free piece of appareal!Scroll down to the bottom to print your coupon.
Sears Outlet Coupons
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Added on : Monday September 24th 2012 11:00:59 AM
The responses I received were 95% sarcastic questions that were already answered in my original post. Thanks to those of you who honestly answered.
I've never personally encountered the above situation and have, therefore, never researched it but have always heard that between re-insurance (to the extent that the carrier is re-insured) and state insurance guaranty associations the above question is largely theoretical.Over the weekend, however, I had a discussion with a few people regarding Legion Insurance Company, which was a Pennsylvania based property and casualty insurer and had issued thousands of professional liability policies to physicians in a number of different states (my specific discussion was in the context of physician liability policies and I don't know other policy types that Legion had issued). Apparently, AM Best had Legion rated A- (excellent). Then, over just a 60 day period its rating tumbled from A- (excellent) to B (fair) to E (under regulatory supervision). I know nothing about this insurer, but, based on the attached Supreme Court of Pennsylvania decision (link -- the outcome of the case isn't that important here; I am only using it to get the facts) Legion ended up in financial distress because of the failure of reinsurers to reimburse it for claims being paid out.The Court also noted that during the five month period that Legion was in statutory rehabilitation, the Rehabilitator "paid only the most urgent insured claims, thereby failing to pay other valid policyholder claims totalling approximately twenty-six and a half million dollars per month."The Court also noted that the insurer itself was primarily a "fronting company," such that it had "issued insurance policies that were primarily reinsured by other insurers," so that when those reinsurance payments were not made (the case does not explain the reason that the payments weren't made), the insurer collapsed. AM Best's credit ratings were presumably the product of the reinsurance arrangement, which provided credit support, as is a very common arrangement out there.I don't care specifically about Legion here, as my question is broader in scope, and am only using the Legion situation to illustrate the reason for my question. For those of you who have previously thought about this issue, what steps do you think are reasonable in ascertaining financial viability of your liability insurer? This is of particular interest to people with professional liability policies, many of which are claims-based policies rather than occurrence-based policies, which are so prevalent in the individual insurance marketplace, but is also probably of interest to quite a few people with individual insurance products.
Need Help with Directly buying home with seller - seller has strange request. SO i had it on another thread, but this is a new question. Long story short, i'm in process of trying to negotiate a price directly from buyer. We are close within range, and have not discussed a final $$ yet.The seller offered me $X, but then said, i want you to hire a "Buyer Agent" so, I can avoid closing costs, plus process goes smoother. He thinks it should be around 2.5% or so, and that will help the process, and he'll save on closing. What am i missing here? Would buyer agent (even if i pay the fee - which I dont see why i would), could help seller with closing cost? I'm thinking he is misunderstanding something.Can someone tell me, how i should explain this to seller? Better yet, tell me roughly what type of expense seller would incur? And give me some points to say why buyer agent is of no value at this stage? I thought they are there to mostly get buyer to seller (which already happened), and come up with a prcie (which we are already there). What am i missing here? Why could they be asking me to get a buyer agent (and more importantly pay for it)?
FREE Box Set: The Arrington Trilogy [Kindle Edition](save $7.12 )
Added on : Monday September 24th 2012 11:00:39 AM
Roxane Tepfer Sanford (Author)
883 pages Boxed set of three bestselling family saga novels including: Box Set: The Arrington Trilogy

Upon the onset of the Civil War, majestic Sutton Hall reigned supreme. Thomas Arrington is one of the wealthiest plantation owners in all of Savannah, Georgia and showers his beautiful only daughter, Amelia, with not only his immense fortune, but his undivided love. Amelia happily shares her life with Hattie, and mammy Abigail; slaves of the plantation, who live in the Big House as members of the Arrington family. Her unmistakable beauty goes noticed by everyone, especially the married, Perry Montgomery and the handsome house-guest, Colonial Warren Stone.
Life as Amelia knows it suddenly comes to an end after her beloved father marries stone-cold, widowed aristocrat, Eugenia Norris. Her once innocent, protected world begins to fall apart as her stepmother loathes everything about her. The smooth running plantation turns upside down during Eugenia's iron rule, and Amelia is torn away from Hattie, Mammy, and worst of all, her own father. Amelia believes her only hope of escaping the fury of her evil stepmother is in the hands of Patrick-Garrett; the mysterious son of her fathers first marriage, whom Amelia never knew existed.
However, Amelia isn't prepared to face her unspeakable, indecent feelings towards Patrick-Garrett. What happens next will change the course of her life forever, leaving shocking family secrets for generations to come.THE GIRL IN THE LIGHTHOUSE (book I)
From the time Lillian Arrington was born, she lived an isolated life on a remote lighthouse station with her father Garrett and her young mother Amelia. But Lillian has wishes and dreams far beyond her years.
When her father is transferred to a new station, Lillian is anxious to meet the assistant keepers and their two sons, Heath and Ayden. She had never met children her own age, had playmates, or made a friend.
Heath, the handsome teenage boy who desires to become a doctor someday, welcomes Lillian. However, his younger brother, Ayden, doesn't like her and she struggles to win him over. Before long, a secret bond between the three is forged and to Lillian's delight, they become close friends.
After so many years, Lillian's childhood is beginning to resemble that of a normal girl. No longer is she lonely and isolated from the rest of the world by over-protective parents. Instead, she experiences new adventures, attends school, and falls in love for the first time.
However, her glorious days on Jasper Island are short-lived as her beautiful young mother begins a tragic descent into insanity and passes away. Lillian is left in the care of her sinister grandmother Eugenia Arrington, who, since the end of the Civil War, continues to steadfastly hold onto the once glorious Georgia plantation known as Sutton Hall. It is there that the immoral secrets of Lillian's parents are revealed, and she is left to pick up the pieces of her scandalous past, and somehow, find her long way home.ALL THAT IS BEAUTIFUL (book II)
It is the year 1878, and at last, Lillian, now a young woman, is free from the prison called Sutton Hall and the evil grandmother who ruled. After years locked away far from her beloved lighthouse on Jasper Island, she finds her only escape through sheer luck and the generosity of one man, Richard Parker, an aspiring commercial illustrator. Though Lillian is shamed by the sins of her parents and the unspeakable act committed by Warren Stone, she entrusts her life to the charismatic, though married, Richard, until it is safe to return home. However life, as unpredictable as the sea, has other plans for Lillian. Not long after leaving, she is caught up in an adult world of money, greed, drugs, and sinful pleasures, turning her life upside down once again. It is only when Lillian discovers the shocking truth to Richard's cruel years of deception that she finally returns to her lighthouse, desperate to recapture her lost years, and most of all, lost love.
just a one-day event, but if you're going by there to buy your lottery tix or snacks anyways...more info at the bottom leftfree 20-oz coffee at a 7-11 on this Friday 9/28/2012 only; between 6AM to 10AM facebook announcement says the same thingso will you get a blue or red cup?
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Intel 330 Series 2.5" 240GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive @ Newegg - $139.99 after Coupon
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INTSSD924 - $60 off

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Insignia 8.5in Widescreen Portable DVD Player @ CowBoom.com - $29.99
Added on : Monday September 24th 2012 11:00:08 AM
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Insignia 8.5in Widescreen Portable DVD Player @ CowBoom.com - $29.99
compare at $49.99
shipping adds $5.00
Expires On: Sep 24, 2012 11:59pm

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